Still hot – but needed rainfall / thunderstorms

The high temperature in Okarche this afternoon was 112 degrees which broke the old record of 105 degrees set in 2006.

Thunderstorms finally made it into town and we observed 0.33 of an inch of precipitation – bringing our yearly total to 14.00 inches.  We will have rain chances on the order of 20-30 percent over the next four days, but anything that occurs is not likely to do so until we rapidly heat up each day to near record values.

Lightning images were captured today from northwest Oklahoma City to near Okarche and include one of Lake Hefner which is obviously well below normal.






Heat, precipitation, lightning, meteors, pattern change?

Just a recap on some recent heat… the high temperature in Okarche on August 3rd was 110 degrees which broke the old record of 103 degrees set in 2008 and 2010.  The low temperature on the 3rd was 81 degrees which tied the August record for the highest low temperature previously set on August 10, 2006.

On the 4th, the high temperature of 110 degrees broke the old record of 106 degrees set in 2000.

If our forecast high today and tomorrow is met, we will have had six consecutive days of high temperatures at or above 110 degrees.

Those are just the facts.  But, if you consider it whining – let’s change the subject and start whining about something else.  As one would expect, temperatures like this are tied to drought.  After checking some records… the 13.67 inches of precipitation so far is the lowest total so late in the year.  For a place that averages well over 35 inches of precipitation in a year, we have only seen 19.82 inches since July 12, 2010.

It could be worse… Lubbock, Texas has only seen 1.15 inches of precipitation since January 1st!

We have seen 43 days of high temperatures at or above 100 degrees so far this year.  The record is 50 days set in 1998 with second place going to 2000 at 49 days.  For a look at how dry the summers were:

1998 –
2000 –

On that note, precipitation charts have been developed back to 1982 and are now viewable at:

There were thunderstorms scattered around the area on the 3rd which allowed for a little lightning photography.  Not impressive to say the least, but it gave me a chance to get out during the afternoon.

080311a (Medium)

Weatherwise, there continue to be signs of a pattern change which could occur next week.  The mid level high pressure area is forecast to weaken and shift westward which would allow for cooler weather ( or at least near normal ) and some thunderstorm events to roll southeastward out of the central plains.  More on this as the solutions become more clear.

The only other news of note is that we are entering the meteor season.  The first shower of significance is the Perseids which has started ramping up.  This long duration event has produced about 12 meteors per hour in Okarche over the past three nights.  So far, none caught on camera.  The rate is a little ahead of schedule which gives hope to an active peak on August 13th.  We will be fighting a full moon – but hopefully we can still get some good ones to show through.


The high temperature in Okarche today (2nd) was 113 degrees.  This broke the record for the date which was 106 degrees set in 1998.

In addition, this is the highest temperature ever recorded in the month of August.  The previous record was 110 degrees set yesterday – August 1st.

Most important, this was the highest temperature ever recorded in Okarche.  The previous record was 112 degrees set first on September 3, 2000 and again on July 9, 2011.

There continue to be signs of hope.  Thunderstorm chances will increase in northwest Oklahoma on Wednesday – and increase further across central and northern Oklahoma on Thursday.  We will still be getting very hot, but we may be able to add some precipitation to the drought stricken areas.  Later in the forecast period… there are some signals that the heat dome over Oklahoma may weaken in another week or so.  I won’t hold my breath, but at least it is something to watch.

The forecast for Wednesday the 3rd in Okarche – a record setting 114 degrees.

On a side note, the overnight low of 80 degrees set a record for the warmest low temperature on the date.  The previous record was 79 degrees set in 2006.  This was one degree away from tying the warmest low temperature for the month of August.


Here’s a surprise…

Well, let’s get the party started right.  The high temperature in Okarche on the 1st of August was 110 degrees which breaks the old record of 104 degrees set in 2010.  In addition, this is the hottest temperature ever recorded in August – beating the old record of 108 degrees set on August 10th and 11th in 1999.

I think the temperature on Tuesday and Wednesday is likely to top out around 112 or 113 degrees.  113 would break the all time record high.


Good-bye July, don’t let the door hit you in the ass…

Unfortunately, it looks like out of the frying pan and into the fire as we plan for a very rough and hot start to August.

But, July is in the books.  On the 31st, the high temperature reached 108 degrees which broke the old record of 106 degrees set in 1999.  Our average high temperature in July was 105.3 degrees and our average low was 75.3 degrees.  The monthly average of 90.3 not only blew away the warmest July of record (87.3 degrees in 1998) – but also blew away the highest average monthly temperature ever (88.0 degrees in August of 2000).

The number of records which were tied or broken starting in June and continuing through the entire month of July are staggering.  To be honest, I really don’t feel like trying to list them all in this post.  January and July have always been a couple of my least favorite months – I think July may have taken over the top spot.

As previously mentioned, we may have flipped the calendar – but we haven’t taken care of the heat.  And, we are not likely to take care of the heat for quite some time.  The first ten days of August all appear to have the potential to be well above normal and we may be seeing some days where our all time record of 112 degrees is pushed.

The National Weather Service has mentioned that Heat Advisories may have to be replaced with Excessive  Heat Warnings before the week is out.   I wonder what comes after that?

A gentleman stopped to talk as he was walking by the house the other day… he told me that he had seen the Devil around the corner looking for a house to buy.

It sure is hard to believe now that some of the dead vegetation in our backyard was caused by low temperatures of minus eight degrees on February 10.

Okarche hottest in the state…

The high temperature in Okarche today was 107 degrees which tied the record high also set in 1998 and 1999.  107 degrees was also the hottest temperature in the state.

The average temperature of 92 degrees ensures that we will have the hottest July of record.  This on the heels of the hottest June of record.

The forecast for the first several days of August includes high temperatures ranging from 105 to 110 degrees… meaning we will be jumping off rapidly toward a very hot August.

This is starting to look more and more like a once in a lifetime summer… hopefully!


A Broken Record…

The high temperature in Okarche today (28th) was 109 degrees which tied the record for the date.  Previously – 109 degrees was reached in 2003.

This became the 36th day this year where the temperature has reached 100 degrees – the third most ever.  We are now only 13 days away from a tie for second place and 14 days away from a tie for the most ever… 50 days in 1998.

Keeping up with the record book these days compares to a score keeper at a Billy Tubbs, OU basketball game back in the day.

Now we have another couple of records that are all but in the book.  Unless something crazy happens over the next few days, this will go down as not only the July with the highest average temperature (currently 90.2 with the record 87.3 set in 1998) – but also the highest average temperature in any month – beating out August of 2000 when the average temperature was 88.0 degrees.

A list of highest to lowest average monthly temperature can now be found here:

While there are many weak signals of precipitation during the next week – it appears that the overall pattern of hot weather will continue.  This doesn’t bode well as we get ready to enter August – which can be one of the hottest months of the year.

Okarche, Oklahoma