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Rainfall – November 15-17, 2015

Showers and thunderstorms produced much needed 1/2 to 1 1/2 rainfall across the area, with most of the precipitation falling during the early morning hours of the 17th.  Radar rainfall estimates show the highest totals likely occurred over northwest Canadian and southern Blaine counties.

Rainfall – November 5, 2015 (Closed)

Bands of showers and thunderstorms moved northeast across the area, with training cells producing narrow swaths of heavy precipitation.  There were two bands of enhanced rainfall.  The first extended from west of Union City, to Piedmont, to Guthrie, to Stillwater – hitting most of the highest population centers in the area.  Another band of enhanced rainfall affected southern Yukon and Mustang.

Rainfall – October 30/31, 2015 (Closed)

Heavy rainfall spread across portions of central Oklahoma on the 30th, with light precipitation continuing to fall into the early morning hours of the 31st.  The heaviest rainfall occurred near the Oklahoma City area, with lessening amounts the farther north and west from the metro you got.  A few places saw more than 2 inches of rain.

Texas flooding

Severe flooding has been occurring in Texas over the last 24 hours, and we are now seeing some amazing rainfall totals coming in.

Hundreds of CoCoRaHS observations from Texas have been received, and there are a lot of locations that have seen 6 to 10 inches of rain over the last 24 hours.  In Navarro County, three sites saw more than 15 inches, and two of those sites saw over 18 inches!  The highest was CoCoRaHS station TX-NV-6 where 18.95 inches of rain has fallen.  The green polygons on the map below are flash flood warnings:

Incredibly, more / much more / rainfall is on the way.  Enhanced by the remnants of Hurricane Patricia, model guidance is showing that another foot or more of rain will fall over portions of southern and eastern Texas through the remainder of the weekend:

Rainfall October 23/24, 2015 (Closed)

Mother Nature tried to slip one in on us.  Showers formed across southeast Kingfisher and Canadian counties during the late evening hours of the 23rd.  These showers moved eastward across southern sections of Logan County into the early morning hours of the 24th.  Some small areas of eastern Canadian County may have seen upward of 1/2 inch of rain.

Rainfall – October 22, 2015 (Closed)

I guess we could call this the great rain that wasn’t.  Total rainfall ended up being a lot less than was advertised by model guidance leading up to the event.  The heaviest precipitation fell across southern Blaine County and Canadian County.  All observations over one inch occurred across southern and eastern Canadian County.