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Post ice storm

A couple of images from Okarche.  Yes, another impressive ice storm landed in our laps and we have some extensive tree and power line damage across much of the area.  It appears that all of the six county area saw heavy ice accumulations, with the exception of central and eastern Payne County.  Power in some places may be out for upward of a week or better.

The largest outages from the OG&E system watch page at 9 am on November 30th:

El Reno: 4,872 customers

Enid: 4,343 customers

Yukon: 2,846 customers

Guthrie: 1,518 customers

Piedmont: 1,058 customers



Rainfall – November 26-30, 2015 (Closed – finally)

I’m including a radar rainfall estimate graphic, but it’s really pretty much worthless.  Estimates by radar performed horribly compared to ground truth measurements.  The high estimates over northwest Canadian County are a result of contamination from wind farms.

This long duration precipitation event produced significant / in some cases record setting / rain, sleet and freezing rain across the entire area.

No attempt was made to quality check the following observations.  Low totals may be a result of incomplete observations.  Most non-CoCoRaHS observing sites use automated rain gauges which do not handle freezing/frozen precipitation well.  In addition, precipitation on a specific day may not be the day that the precipitation fell, but rather melted.

Rainfall – November 15-17, 2015

Showers and thunderstorms produced much needed 1/2 to 1 1/2 rainfall across the area, with most of the precipitation falling during the early morning hours of the 17th.  Radar rainfall estimates show the highest totals likely occurred over northwest Canadian and southern Blaine counties.

Rainfall – November 5, 2015 (Closed)

Bands of showers and thunderstorms moved northeast across the area, with training cells producing narrow swaths of heavy precipitation.  There were two bands of enhanced rainfall.  The first extended from west of Union City, to Piedmont, to Guthrie, to Stillwater – hitting most of the highest population centers in the area.  Another band of enhanced rainfall affected southern Yukon and Mustang.

Rainfall – October 30/31, 2015 (Closed)

Heavy rainfall spread across portions of central Oklahoma on the 30th, with light precipitation continuing to fall into the early morning hours of the 31st.  The heaviest rainfall occurred near the Oklahoma City area, with lessening amounts the farther north and west from the metro you got.  A few places saw more than 2 inches of rain.