Standing room only…

Okarche July 2013 Rainfall

Rain continues to fall in Okarche this morning and as of 8 a.m. the July total has reached 8.04 inches.  The 2.17 inches of rain overnight easily pushed this to the wettest July of record – blowing away the 6.04 inch record previously set in 2010.

How wet is 8.04 inches?  To compare it to other months that are typically wet in Oklahoma, this would be the wettest March / 2nd wettest April / 5th wettest May / 4th wettest June / or 3rd wettest October.

It’s possible that another 1/4 inch of rain could fall this morning.  What’s more amazing is that another system on Monday and Tuesday could add another inch or so of rainfall to the month.  For those with short memories, the total precipitation in July one year ago was 0.08 of an inch.