I saw close to moderate snow today…

And some people living on the north side of Lake Overholser in western OKC may have seen quite a bit of snow.

Actually… I was sitting at Memorial and MacArthur in far northwest OKC when we had a period of light to moderate snow.  I had not been paying attention to the weather and just assumed that we were getting enough lifting from some synoptic mechanism to cause the snow.  When I got home and was able to look at radar… I realized that we were dealing with a VERY localized event.  One that I have seen snow from a few times in the past… but never seen on radar before.

I thought I had the scoop… but the National Weather Service in Norman was quick to see it unfolding and put up a graphic explaining the event on their webpage.

They focused on the power plant in western OKC… but we were seeing snow from a different source.  I believe that the snow I saw was coming from a water treatment plant located on the north side of Lake Hefner.

There were probably several other places in central Oklahoma that were seeing snow from “non-weather” sources… just another fun item associated with this winter event.