Look Ma, No Puddles!

One thing that stood out after our 1.79 inches of rain on the 11th and 12th… no puddles.  The ground took ALL of it.   It’s about time and no wonder.  Prior to that rain event… we had recorded only 3.68 inches of rain since July 12!  Less than four inches of rain in about four months – hot, summer months – had made the ground hard as a rock.  What is left of the garden seemed to enjoy it immensely.

Satellite pictures after the storm system had departed showed extensive cloud cover to our east… but also several areas of snow cover.  One patch in the Texas Panhandle came very close to the Oklahoma Panhandle.  On November 12th, Amarillo set a snowfall record of 3.0 inches.  The previous record was 2.5 inches set in 1976.