Okarche January Weather

It was a very cold start to the month of January in Okarche.  Warmer temperatures arrived during the last part of the month and the average temperature was only 0.2 of a degree below average, at 36.7 degrees.

Dry weather continued and only 0.07 of an inch of rain fell which was just 6 percent of average.  For the first time in 26 years of record, no snow fell during the month.

A record 18 days saw wind speeds reach 30 mph and a 57 mph wind gust on the 22nd was the highest ever recorded in January.

Mid and Late January Precipitation

Severe drought continues across the entire area, and very little precipitation fell during the month of January.  Thanks to the many observers that continue to report daily “zeros”.    I know it’s difficult to keep interest during such a long period without significant precipitation.  Hopefully we will be seeing changes soon!