Thunderstorms – June 28, 2016

With a flash rate of only about one every five minutes, I waited for quite awhile to get one centered.  This was shot with a 50 mm lens on a full sensor camera and wasn’t cropped.  Dead center!  Made fighting the bugs – horrible bugs – worth while.

This was captured just west of Okarche – near the northeast edge of a complex of severe storms that rolled south across western Oklahoma.  When it’s all said and done, there will be quite a few reports of damaging wind and hail on the day.


First summer lightning

The first outing for lightning came on Sunday the 26th of June.  Nice in that we didn’t have to go far and never made it more than 30 miles from the house.  A fairly typical lightning chase that made us work for the few decent images that were captured.

Okarche Rain

Morning rainbow - June 27, 2016

Morning rainbow – June 27, 2016

A light rain has been falling this morning in Okarche.  When combined with evening thunderstorms in the area on the 26th, the rainfall through 7 am totaled 0.49 of an inch.  Not exactly a drought breaker, but it is the most rain we have seen in almost a month.