Tropical Storm Grace

Newly formed Tropical Storm Grace is located over the Atlantic about 320 miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands.  The storm will be moving west or west northwest over the next several days.

Maximum sustained winds are 40 mph, and some strengthening is expected over the next 36 hours as the storm moves through an area of low shear and warm ocean temperatures.

By Monday morning, shear will be increasing and ocean temperatures will be cooling.  This should begin a weakening trend, and the National Hurricane Center does not have the storm reaching hurricane strength during the next 120 hours.

Grace is a long way/time off of becoming any threat to land.

Summer grinding to an end…

…Highs in the 90′s expected through this coming Tuesday…

The last of the summer heat will be ending soon.  At least when it comes to long stretches of hot days.  All indications are that one or more cold fronts will be pushing across Oklahoma during the mid to late part of the upcoming week.  These fronts will also have associated showers and thunderstorms.  While it is currently unclear how much precipitation will fall, it does look like that we will be seeing the end of being able to string together multiple days of high heat.  Each year usually sees one significant cool air intrusion that effectively closes the door on the doldrums of summer.  Right on schedule, it usually occurs between the first and second week of September.  This doesn’t mean there won’t be another hot day here and there.  We are still likely to see some hot weather, especially when winds veer to the southwest ahead of approaching cold fronts, but the days of seeing 5+ days of temperatures in the 90′s are likely done for 2015.