Good-bye July, don’t let the door hit you in the ass…

Unfortunately, it looks like out of the frying pan and into the fire as we plan for a very rough and hot start to August.

But, July is in the books.  On the 31st, the high temperature reached 108 degrees which broke the old record of 106 degrees set in 1999.  Our average high temperature in July was 105.3 degrees and our average low was 75.3 degrees.  The monthly average of 90.3 not only blew away the warmest July of record (87.3 degrees in 1998) – but also blew away the highest average monthly temperature ever (88.0 degrees in August of 2000).

The number of records which were tied or broken starting in June and continuing through the entire month of July are staggering.  To be honest, I really don’t feel like trying to list them all in this post.  January and July have always been a couple of my least favorite months – I think July may have taken over the top spot.

As previously mentioned, we may have flipped the calendar – but we haven’t taken care of the heat.  And, we are not likely to take care of the heat for quite some time.  The first ten days of August all appear to have the potential to be well above normal and we may be seeing some days where our all time record of 112 degrees is pushed.

The National Weather Service has mentioned that Heat Advisories may have to be replaced with Excessive  Heat Warnings before the week is out.   I wonder what comes after that?

A gentleman stopped to talk as he was walking by the house the other day… he told me that he had seen the Devil around the corner looking for a house to buy.

It sure is hard to believe now that some of the dead vegetation in our backyard was caused by low temperatures of minus eight degrees on February 10.

Okarche hottest in the state…

The high temperature in Okarche today was 107 degrees which tied the record high also set in 1998 and 1999.  107 degrees was also the hottest temperature in the state.

The average temperature of 92 degrees ensures that we will have the hottest July of record.  This on the heels of the hottest June of record.

The forecast for the first several days of August includes high temperatures ranging from 105 to 110 degrees… meaning we will be jumping off rapidly toward a very hot August.

This is starting to look more and more like a once in a lifetime summer… hopefully!


A Broken Record…

The high temperature in Okarche today (28th) was 109 degrees which tied the record for the date.  Previously – 109 degrees was reached in 2003.

This became the 36th day this year where the temperature has reached 100 degrees – the third most ever.  We are now only 13 days away from a tie for second place and 14 days away from a tie for the most ever… 50 days in 1998.

Keeping up with the record book these days compares to a score keeper at a Billy Tubbs, OU basketball game back in the day.

Now we have another couple of records that are all but in the book.  Unless something crazy happens over the next few days, this will go down as not only the July with the highest average temperature (currently 90.2 with the record 87.3 set in 1998) – but also the highest average temperature in any month – beating out August of 2000 when the average temperature was 88.0 degrees.

A list of highest to lowest average monthly temperature can now be found here:

While there are many weak signals of precipitation during the next week – it appears that the overall pattern of hot weather will continue.  This doesn’t bode well as we get ready to enter August – which can be one of the hottest months of the year.

Heat and Duke…

Meet Duke…

We brought Duke home about a week ago… adding to our “pack” of Golden Retrievers.  King was a rescued dog that we picked up about a year ago.  We believe he is the oldest of the group at around eight years old.  I have had Vegas since she was a pup and she will be turning seven in December.  Duke was found by a lady roaming with another dog in far northwest Oklahoma City.  She spent over a week exhausting all efforts in attempting to find his owner.  We believe he is about two years old, and it is also believed by some that he may be a tornado dog that became loose after the Piedmont, May 24 tornado.  While in good enough shape to have had an owner at one time, he has shown a few weeks of road wear which matches up to about that time.  At any rate, he is a beautiful dog that so far is trouble free…and it should be noted that he is our daughter’s dog.

072711b (Medium)

The high temperature today in Okarche was 111 degrees which set a record for the date.  The previous record was 104 degrees which occurred in 1998 and again in 2003.  The overnight low temperature of 82 degrees set a record for the warmest low temperature on the date.  The previous record was 77 degrees set in 1995 and 1997.  This is the first time that we have had four days of 110+ degree temperatures in a summer.  Previously, three times occurred in 2000.

Heat continues today / “Dandy Don”?

Well, hope went out the window quick yesterday. Our little bit of rainfall didn’t do anything to stop the rapid warm-up and we reached a high temperature in Okarche of 110 degrees. The weather service has seemed to have had a hard time wrapping their collective heads around the intense heat. The forecast for today does not include any temperatures in the state at or above 110 degrees. However, this looks a certainty today – and I would not be surprised to see some parts of the state approach 115.

Meanwhile, a tropical disturbance is organizing between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula. It seems quite possible that this will become a depression or storm during the next 24 hours. If it does – it will be named Don. We are still several days away from a possible Texas landfall, but of greater interest is the track forecast solutions of some of the tropical forecast models which take the remains up into Oklahoma. These can be drought breakers. Cross your fingers, get out your rabbits foot, do whatever Voodoo you do and see if we can get this system up in here.



Summer lightning #4 – temperature streak stopped…

First and most important… the high temperature in Okarche today (25th) was 96 degrees. This stops the 100+ streak at 26 days. Unfortunately, it looks like it will pick right back up soon.

Second… we finally had another shot at some lightning this afternoon and evening. I drove west along I-40 and intercepted storms forming southeast of Clinton. There was a considerable amount of lightning, but few that I could catch due to rain/strong outflow/blowing dust. Not exactly the greatest of conditions for shooting lightning. Still, I came away with a few that made the trip worthwhile.

At 5:42 p.m. – I came across one inch hail about four miles west of Weatherford. Later, I estimated that winds from this storm were blowing about 70 mph northeast of the Weatherford Airport. Again, not the greatest of conditions to be shooting lightning in.

The summer heat records which have fallen have been impressive. We have reached our all-time high temperature of 112 degrees, made it to the hottest in the U.S. when we reached 111 degrees, put down our all time highest average temperature for June, likely to put down our highest average temperature for July, and set a record for the most consecutive days of 100 degrees or more at 26. About the only thing on the list that we will count down is the total number of 100 degree days in a year. We currently stand at 33. We will easily reach the third place number of 35 which was hit in 2001 and 2006. The highest number is 50 set in 1998. During that year on this date – we had 20 days of 100+ degree temperatures. The second place number of 49 was in 2000. During that year on this date – we had 12 days of 100+ degree temperatures. Needless to say, we are well ahead of schedule for breaking this record.

072511h (Medium)

072511i (Medium)

072511j (Medium)

072511k (Medium)

Where the hell is Bullhead City, Arizona?

We can hope can’t we? That was probably all we had going for us, but it seemed to work just a little bit. The headline could have read “Saved by the bell”, “Time-out!”, “We made it to half-time”, “Take five”, “Smoke em’ if you’ve got em’”. All I know is that as of the start of this post, we are 15 degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday.

In anticipation of the brief cool down, a big effort was put into the backyard over the past couple of days so that finishing touches could be put on this morning. Work has been caught up. For the past month, work in the back consisted only of necessary duty. Taking advantage of a “cool” morning, everything from pruning fence lines to mending fence and dead-heading was completed.

Actually, for the month long slug-fest with intense heat, the garden is still standing. Most things don’t look half bad considering what it has gone through. You will notice in some of the photos – a long line of empty pots which represent the dead.

Speaking of what the garden has had to endure… the high temperature yesterday was 111 degrees which tied Guthrie, Stillwater, and Bullhead City, Arizona for the hottest temperature in the country. The small area from Okarche to Guthrie to Stillwater just happened to be in the “perfect” spot south of a surface boundary and first cloud/storm development to heat up intensely. I’m not sure I ever remember an Okarche temperature being included in a U.S. extreme.

Convection did end up being widespread enough to allow outflow surges southwest and eventually some light precipitation to work into Okarche. We received 0.11 of an inch of rain overnight. The official forecast says a high today of 102. If that happens, we will continue to build on a streak of 26 consecutive days of 100+ degree temperatures. By the way, that forecast was put out by Mike Branick from the National Weather Service in Norman. That was the last forecast by Mike who will be starting retirement after 30+ years of service. I learned a lot from Mike, and didn’t get hurt in the process ;) I wish him well.

A few more storms are possible today. The biggest hope would be that we could continue to have enough afternoon/evening storm complexes to make a large enough dent in the upper high to have a long-term change toward cooler weather. However, the reality is that we will likely return quickly back toward extreme heat as we are still several weeks away from seeing our averages trail off. But we can hope can’t we?

072511a (Medium)

072511b (Medium)

072511c (Medium)

072511d (Medium)

072511e (Medium)

072511f (Medium)

072511g (Medium)

July 24 Temperature Update

The high temperature in Okarche so far today has been 111 degrees.  This breaks the old record of 106 degrees set in 1999 and is just one degree short of the all-time record high.  111 degrees ties for the third highest temperature on record – also reached on July 6, 1996.

We have come off that high temperature just a bit – 109.5 as of this post.  There has been an increase in clouds and thunderstorms have formed in portions of northwest Kingfisher and northern Blaine Counties.  These storms are moving toward Okarche – very slowly – but may produce outflow which could work our way and provide a focus for additional development this evening.  We can hope can’t we?

Slam-Dunk record

The temperature in Okarche today reached 100 degrees at 10:44 a.m.  With that, this has become the 26th consecutive day of temperatures 100 degrees or more.

By 10:55 a.m., the temperature had reached 102 degrees!  It now stands at 104 degrees at 11:42 a.m.  While specific records regarding warmup are not kept, this may be one of the fastest initial warmups we have recorded.

Unless clouds soon form, it would not be out of the question for the high today to reach 110 degrees.  In addition, the overnight low of 79 degrees tied the record for the warmest low temperature on the date.

Major temperature record tied… storm chances increasing?

The temperature in Okarche reached 100 degrees at 11:24 a.m. This is now the 25th consecutive day with the temperature reaching at least 100 degrees – which ties the record. The previous record occurred from July 16 to August 9 in 2001.

In all likelihood, the record will be broken tomorrow. In fact, the official forecast would suggest that we will extend the record for at least another week.

There is one little ray of hope which can now be taken into consideration. While the forecast doesn’t reflect it – and it’s not smart to forecast rain during a drought – it does appear that we will see an increase in showers and thunderstorms Sunday and Monday afternoon and evening. The greatest chances will be north of I-40 and east of I-35, but the southwest part of the state is likely to see scattered activity as well.

At this time, the coverage doesn’t appear as if it will be large enough to cause extensive outflows and widespread cooling. However, the expanse of summertime convection doesn’t always show itself until it gets rolling. Should we get lucky enough to have a significant amount of rain dropped on us, the string of 100 degree days could be brought to an end. It wouldn’t be by much, and the increase in humidity would probably make it feel worse, but the record could at least be stopped.

This is the 32′nd day of the year that the temperature has reached 100 degrees.

Our morning low temperature of 78 degrees ties the record for the warmest low temperature on the date – the previous record was set in 1993, 1995 and 2005.