Bye-bye cool air…

Well, for a few days the weather was at least tolerable around here.  After several days of reaching 100 degrees, the cold front which passed during the early morning hours of August 24th brought a very welcomed cool air mass into the state.  Just how significant was it?

This chart shows our temperature departure from normal.  You have to go back to the first half of May to find daily temperatures that were that far below normal.

The Record Book will show that we set one record low high temperature (82 degrees on the 24th) and tied or broke record low temperatures on four days from the 24th until the 27th.  The low temperature of 53 degrees on the 26th was the lowest August temperature I have ever recorded.

Tropical air has moved back into the state and the increase in humidity will push our heat index values back over 100 degrees for a couple of days.  Low temperatures won’t drop below the 70’s.  There will be an increased chance of thunderstorms by mid-week which hopefully will drop our temperatures back to around normal as we start September.

Record cold!

The low temperature this morning in Okarche dropped to 53 degrees.  This not only sets a record for the date, but it is also the coldest temperature ever recorded in the month of August.  The previous record was 55 degrees set on August 31st, 2009.

Upon further review…

Several records were tied or broken on the 24th following a seasonably strong cold frontal passage which occurred around 5 A.M.

The high temperature of 82 degrees set a record for the lowest high temperature on the date.  The previous record was 86 degrees set in 2007.

The low temperature of 66 degrees tied the record low.  66 degrees was also reached in 1999.

The total precipitation of 0.33 of an inch broke the previous record of 0.27 of an inch set in 1993.

Temperatures fell further this morning with the low reaching 56 degrees.  This broke the previous record of 61 degrees set in 2008.

Another cool night is expected and it may be possible to tie or break the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in August – 55 degrees.


… the sound of everything cooling off around here.  The “daytime” high temperature today was only 76 degrees – which would have been only one degree off the record low high temperature for the date.  But, we were still 82 degrees at midnight before the front hit, and that will be the high for the day.

While we missed out on the heavier precipitation in the area… we did get 0.33 of an inch which was quickly soaked up by anything and everything that it could fall on.  This included our Golden Retriever – Vegas – which stood out in the rain like she had never seen it before.

The first decent front in months has lived up to its billing.  We can only hope the effects hang around for a few days….

Okarche Record High

As expected with the rapid rise in temperature today… the high reached 106 degrees.  Not only does this set a record high for the date, but it also is the highest temperature recorded this year.  In all likelihood… this will be the highest temperature recorded this season.  A cold front is rapidly moving south through the Oklahoma panhandle with temperatures falling into the 60′s behind it.

HOT! – with help on the way!

The fast rise in temperature today had me thinking that we might be able to hit 100 degrees before Noon, but we came up just a few minutes late.  100 was reached at 12:05 P.M.  This has the potential to be one of the hottest days of the year… which is not uncommon ahead of approaching cold fronts.  This is the 19th day this year that the temperature has reached 100 degrees, and most have occurred in August.

Help is on the way!  A strong storm system will be moving quickly east across the northern part of the country during the next 24 hours.  Behind it, a seasonably strong cold front will move rapidly southward through the plains.  Latest model data suggests that the front will be in northwest Oklahoma tomorrow morning and moving through southeast Oklahoma by tomorrow afternoon.  Highs will likely not get higher than the low 80′s on Tuesday and Wednesday and low temperatures may very well fall into the 50′s.

The better news is that this may be the dagger which starts the end of the high heat this year.  On August 1st… sunset was at 8:36 P.M.  By the end of the month… sunset will be at 8:01 P.M.  We now start to shave minutes off the day quickly and if we can see regular cold frontal passages and some precipitation – we can start to think Autumn which is exactly one month away.


Beautiful skies… but little rain…

Several things to rattle on about this evening.  I’ll start with rainfall, or lack thereof.  We have managed to dodge most of the scattered thunderstorm activity which has occurred over the last week.  Only one day recorded measurable precipitation which put an end to the rainless day streak.  However, it was only 0.10 of an inch which fell on the 17th… hardly a drought breaker.  So… we can now say that we have had only a 1/10th of an inch of rainfall in 41 days.

The average high temperature for the first 20 days of August was 99.6 degrees.  This will edge higher with the 101 degrees reached today.  Hot and dry, things are officially burning up around here.

There was an awesome sunset view to the southeast this evening with a dissipating thunderstorm over east Norman – about 60 miles to our southeast.  The sunlit anvil, mammatus, and a moon just three days short of being full was spectacular!

Thunderstorm in Norman - as seen from Okarche.

Last nights show was lightning.  Storms in Kingfisher and Canadian Counties provided about four straight hours of decent lightning.  The image below is of a “bolt from the blue” which arched out the backside of a thunderstorm north of Hennessey.

Looking north from just north of Dover, OK.

Other images from the evening can be found at

The streak ends today…

It hasn’t been much so far… but 0.09 of an inch of rainfall has occurred so far today – ending the rainless streak at 36 days.  Widespread showers and thunderstorms are currently developing from about 25 miles north to about 75 miles west of Okarche and are headed in our direction.  It appears that a total of about 1/2 inch wouldn’t be out of the question.

And the rain came down…

…briefly.  Very briefly.  The attached image is of radar estimated rainfall which occurred with thunderstorms around the Okarche area this afternoon.  It pretty much tells the story with the heaviest rain staying to the north and east of town.  We did get a few drops, but no measurable rain.  If this holds through midnight it will be the 35th straight day without measurable precipitation.  This is still far from a record, but it doesn’t reduce the significance of this dry spell much.

A cold front has pushed into Oklahoma which brought an end to a seven day stretch of 100+ degree temperatures.  The hottest days of the year so far came on the 13th and 14th when the high temperature reached 105 degrees.

Most model data suggests that numerous showers and thunderstorms will be occurring in the state over the next 60 hours – or through Tuesday.  We have temporarily brought and end to the high heat… hopefully we can bring and end to the dry weather as well.