End of July Rain

A five day stretch of rain totaling over two inches is pretty good anytime of the year… but especially nice at the end of July.  2.13 inches of rain fell in Okarche from July 26-30 which was middle of the pack as far as the state was concerned.  Four to six inches of rain fell in the OKC metro area and in southern Grady/Caddo Counties.  Parts of west central and southeast Oklahoma also received a good soaking.


Severe Storms – July 28, 2009

Numerous severe storms moved southward through northern and central Oklahoma during the late afternoon and evening.  Typical for July, wind damage was the primary threat with these storms.  However, some large hail also occurred.  One storm that passed just northeast of Blanchard likely produced hail to near tennis ball size and displayed a classic large hail signiture on radar as it did.

Known as a three body scatter spike (TBSS), the long stretch of weak echo extending off the backside of the storm in this radar image can often indicate hail to golfball size or larger.

From Wikipedia:

Also known as hail spikes, these are the result of energy from the radar hitting hail and being deflected to the ground, where they deflect back to the hail and then to the radar. Because of the energy hitting the ground at least once and the hail multiple times, it has a weaker return echo than the energy that went from the radar to the hail and back to the radar. The spike occurs where the energy took more time to go from the hail to the ground and back as opposed to the energy that went direct from the hail to the radar. This results in the radar picking up the energy at a later time which puts the echo further away from the radar than the actual location of the hail on the same radial path.


Rain and Records

It has been strange to have a July start out so hot and dry and end it up with what we are having now.  Northwest flow aloft will continue to keep temperatures on the mild side with several chances of rain and storms over the next several days.

On July 27th, heavy rain parked over Okarche for a time in the late afternoon and the total precipitation on the date was a record setting 0.91 inches.  The previous record was 0.90 inches set in 1981.  Also… the clouds and rain led to a record low, high temperature.  We only made it to 75 degrees – well short of the 84 degree record set back in 1994.

The cooler and wetter than normal weather pattern should continue into August.  It’s still probably a tad too early to say…. but as I watch things continue to rapidly green up outside…. we may have a hard time reaching the 100 degree mark again this summer.  Keep the rain coming!

July 25, 2009 – Oklahoma Heat

It appeared for several hours that Okarche might have had the highest temperature in the state this day.  But, before it was over – several other locations tied or exceeded the 105 degree temperature:

1 – Tipton, OK – 105.6 degrees @ 5:05 p.m.

2 – Okarche, OK – 105.4 degrees @ 2:34 p.m.

3 – Hooker, OK – 105.3 degrees @ 4:25 p.m.

4 – Kingfisher, OK – 104.5 degrees @ 2:20 p.m.

For Okarche… the high temperature wasn’t record setting.  The record – 108 degrees set during the brutal summer of 1998.


Severe Storms in Illinois (Jul 24)

An impressive wind event associated with a line of severe thunderstorms is moving through northern Illinois.



The radar image above shows a meso-low pressure area developing along the line of storms.  The low is located just northeast of Depue, IL – and very strong winds are surging southeastward to the south of the low pressure area.  In this case, winds are indicated to be about 70 knots in the orange area – about 5,000 feet above the ground.  This system has been responsible for many wind damage reports and measured wind speeds of 60 to 70 mph.   In Iowa,  winds reached 82 mph at Princeton.

Okarche Observer – (Fri) July 24, 2009

Cool and dry weather has been the story for the past couple of days.  The thunderstorms on the 21st brought 0.24 inches of rain to Okarche.  Since then… highs have ranged from the upper 80′s to mid 90′s… well below record level for this time of year.  In fact, low temperatures dropped to 60 degrees on both the 22nd (which set a record) and the 23rd (which tied a record).

Temperatures should warm a little on Friday and Saturday before a weak front slides through the area with a slight chance of thunderstorms Saturday night.  A stronger front is due in Monday night… that front should bring a good chance of widespread storms across a lot of the state as we continue in a cooler and wetter than normal pattern.