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Assessing the U.S. Climate in February 2017

A notable amount of station-level temperature records were broken during February, including numerous cities setting warm daily and monthly temperature records. There were 11,743 daily warm temperature records broken or tied, compared to 418 daily cold records. Of those, 1,151 daily records also broke the warmest temperature record ever observed during February, compared to just 2 cold records.



This short – 7 minute – video is truly amazing.   Primarily for the fact that a lot of it was shot in 1983.  In 1983, there wouldn’t have been much in the way of verification of climate prediction models.  Without that verification, it is easy to see how people questioned climate change – and just how much change was going to occur in the future.  THAT was in 1983.  Almost 35 years has passed, and we have been seeing model predictions verify over and over.  It is astounding to think that there are climate change deniers in 2017.