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Mid-July precipitation

Wow, it felt like I was putting together a list of precipitation reports from the Desert Southwest.  It is July, I suppose.  Canadian County had some places that saw a decent rain, but most places didn’t see enough to keep a garden alive.

Early July Precipitation

Precipitation the first of the month was pretty typical for a July.  Showers and thunderstorms don’t usually cover large areas… several sites observed between 3 and 5+ inches of rain, while several saw less than an inch.

Oklahoma Snow Event #4 – April 29/30, 2017

A rare late season blizzard occurred across the Panhandle of the state over the last couple of days of April.  Cimarron County was hardest hit with nearly the entire county seeing at least 11 inches of snow.   Amounts dropped with each mile east across Texas and Beaver counties.  Only a trace of snow was observed over far eastern sections of Beaver County.