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Okarche Record Precipitation

The total precipitation on February 17th was a record setting 0.52″.  The previous record was 0.45″ set in 2008.

Also… this put an end to a streak of 118 days with “less than one inch of precipitation”.  This is the second longest such streak, and only the third time a streak exceeded 100 days.

Record number of days with total less than one inch of precipitation:

1. 138 days – November 15, 1985 until April 1, 1986

2. 118 days – October 22, 2017 until February 16, 2018

3. 101 days – June 12, 1998 until September 20, 1998

Okarche January Weather

It was a very cold start to the month of January in Okarche.  Warmer temperatures arrived during the last part of the month and the average temperature was only 0.2 of a degree below average, at 36.7 degrees.

Dry weather continued and only 0.07 of an inch of rain fell which was just 6 percent of average.  For the first time in 26 years of record, no snow fell during the month.

A record 18 days saw wind speeds reach 30 mph and a 57 mph wind gust on the 22nd was the highest ever recorded in January.

Record low temperatures

The low temperature in Okarche on January 16th was 3 degrees which tied the record for the date.  3 degrees was also reached in 1982.

The high temperature on the 16th was 20 degrees which set a record for the lowest high temperature on the date.  The previous record was 22 degrees set in 1953.

Record low temperatures

On January 1st, the low temperature in Okarche was a record setting 2 degrees.  The previous record was 5 degrees set in 1959.

On January 2nd, the high temperature was 19 degrees which set a record for the lowest high temperature on the date.  The previous record was 20 degrees set in 1942 and 1974.

2017 in Okarche – warmer and wetter than average

For 2017, the average temperature ended up at 61.2 degrees which was 0.7 of a degree above average.  We were only 0.4 of a degree warmer on high temperatures, but 0.9 of a degree warmer than average with low temperatures.  There were 59 days where the temperature dropped to at or below 32 degrees.  This was 26 days fewer than average.  This would indicate a very warm year, right?  Interestingly, we only had 65 days where the temperature reached at least 90 degrees which was 19 days below average.  The five days where 100 degrees was reached was 14 days below average.

The highest temperature of 105 degrees was reached on July 22nd.  The lowest temperature of one degree occurred on January 7th.

There were 77 days with measurable precipitation which is exactly average.  This resulted in 39.81 inches – 4.61 inches above average – or 113 percent of average.  The first four months of the year were all above average and April came in with an impressive 9.67 inches.  It appeared we were headed toward a top 5 precipitation year.  Despite May, June and July coming in below average, August was very wet (7.14 inches) and it still appeared that we could easily break the 40 inch mark for the year and end up in the top 5.  Precipitation shut down hard at the end of October and both November and December came in well below average.  The end result was still a well above average year that came in as the 9th wettest on record.

The most rain in a day occurred on April 21st when 4.30 inches fell.  The most snow was a 4.0 inch event on January 6th.

As far as weather events go, dense fog was observed on a record setting 24 days.  The 54 days with thunder was four days more than average.  Hail fell on four days which was a day more than average.

The highest observed wind speed was 60 mph which occurred in a severe thunderstorm on August 10th.

Our last seasonal freeze occurred on March 15th, and this was just 6 degrees later than the record earliest date.  The first seasonal freeze was October 28th which was just shy of the average date of October 31st.



December in Okarche – Dry with near average temperature

The average temperature in Okarche in December was 39.0 degrees which was 0.6 of a degree below average.  We accomplished this by having a quite warm early and middle portion of the month, followed by very cold air arriving after the 22nd.  The high temperature of 25 degrees on the 27th tied a record for the lowest high temperature on the date.

It was quite dry with measurable precipitation falling on only one day, receiving 0.37 of an inch on the 19th.  0.1 of an inch of snow fell on the 30th, but melt down was only a trace of liquid precipitation.  Our monthly precipitation total was 1.16 inches below average, or 24 percent of average.  Snowfall was 2.2 inches below average, or 4 percent of average.