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Spring Rainfall Top 5

The total precipitation in Okarche for Spring 2017 was 16.87 inches.  This is well above (149 percent) the average of 11.33 inches.  It was the 5th wettest Spring of record.

The average temperature from March through May was 60.8 degrees which was 0.9 of a degree above average.

May 18, 2017 Tornadoes

Image of our first tornado on the 18th near Seiling, Oklahoma.  We ended up seeing four tornadoes with this supercell as it tracked north near Chester and Waynoka.  More information about the event – along with images and video to come.

Updated chase page HERE

Okarche, Oklahoma April Weather

Precipitation was impressive through the first quarter of 2017, and that trend continued in April.  A total of 9.67 inches of rain fell during the month which was 295 percent of average.  This was the second greatest April total on record and it featured daily rains of 3.65 inches on the 29th, and 4.30 inches on the 21st.  The 3.65 inches on the 29th would have set a monthly record had it not been for the 4.30 inches which occurred eight days earlier.  4.30 inches is the 4th most ever in a calendar day and one of only six days where rainfall has reached four inches during 36 years of record keeping.  3.65 is the 10th most in a calendar day.  The January to April total of 19.65 inches is the most on record.

Three days saw hail, and hail to the size of golfballs was observed during the early morning hours of the 29th.

At the end of April 29th, the April temperature stood just slightly above average.  A very cool day on the 30th brought the average monthly temperature of 59.9 degrees in at a 1/2 of a degree below average.  This was the first month of the year where the monthly temperature was below average.

Okarche, Oklahoma Last Freeze

We’ve had some cool weather during the last half of April and the start of May, with even one May record low temperature tied.  It does not appear that any more significant cold weather will be visiting the state and we can officially consider the last freeze of the season to be March 15th, when the low reached 26 degrees.

This was just over three weeks earlier than the average last freeze of April 6th.  It was so early in fact, that it has now changed the date of average last freeze to April 5th.   Climate change?

The last freeze of March 15th is the 5th earliest last freeze and just six days off the record of March 9th.

We are now in the clear for the growing season.  The average first freeze in Okarche is on October 31st, and the record first freeze is October 7th.

Oklahoma Snow Event #4 – April 29/30, 2017

A rare late season blizzard occurred across the Panhandle of the state over the last couple of days of April.  Cimarron County was hardest hit with nearly the entire county seeing at least 11 inches of snow.   Amounts dropped with each mile east across Texas and Beaver counties.  Only a trace of snow was observed over far eastern sections of Beaver County.

April 29, 2017 Record Rain Event

The total precipitation in Okarche on April 29th was a record setting 3.65 inches.  The previous record was 1.99 inches set in 1994.

We are now an astounding 10.90 inches above average for 2017.  The total so far this year has been 19.57 inches, which is the most ever recorded prior to May 1st.

The April total stands at 9.59 inches making it the second wettest April on record.  The wettest April was in 1994 when the total reached 10.62 inches.

Record Heavy Rain Event – April 21, 2017 (Updated with area rain amounts)

The record books got dusted off in Okarche.  The total precipitation on April 21st was 4.30 inches.  This breaks the old record for the day of 0.49 of an inch set in 2014.  Also, this set a record for the most daily precipitation in the month of April.  The previous record was 3.23 inches set on April 11, 1994.

This ranks as the 4th most daily rainfall on record for Okarche:

1 – 7.12 – 19-Aug-07

2 – 6.50 – 18-Sep-88

3 – 4.55 – 4-Mar-04

4 – 4.30 – 21-Apr-17

5 – 4.22 – 26-Aug-96