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Record Precipitation

The total precipitation in Okarche on September 26th was a record setting 1.55 inches.  The previous record was 0.81 of an inch set in 2012.

Also, precipitation on September 27th was a record setting 0.41 of an inch.  The previous record was 0.37 of an inch set in 1996.

In addition, storm total rainfall from September 25-27 was 2.22 inches.  This brought the yearly total up to 35.36 inches which exceeds the yearly average of 35.20 inches.  This was reached with three months and three days left in the year.

August and summer in Okarche

The average temperature in Okarche for the month of August was 76.5 degrees.  This was 5.7 degrees below average and the second coolest August of record.

The total precipitation was 7.14 inches which was192 percent of average.  There were 15 days with measurable precipitation which was an August record.

While the wet August brought summer precipitation closer to average, it still ended up below at 9.41 inches.  This was 84 percent of average.

The average temperature for the meteorological summer (June-August) was 79.1 degrees.  This was 1.9 degrees below average and just out of the top ten coolest.

Okarche severe thunderstorm / record rainfall

A severe thunderstorm moved through Okarche on August 10th.  After review of the data, a 60 mph wind gust was recorded at 5:12 pm CDT.  This is the second severe thunderstorm event this year in Okarche.

During the storm, the recording rain gauge (tipping bucket) measured one inch of rain in 23 minutes.  Because the tipping bucket doesn’t usually handle heavy rain well, one inch likely occurred in just 20 minutes or less – or a three inch per hour rate!

The total precipitation in Okarche on August 10th was a record setting 2.21 inches.  The previous record was 0.46 of an inch set in 1996.

Precipitation record book updated

Almost hard to believe after May, June and July fell into drought that this portion of the record book would be updated.  Measurable rainfall fell on seven consecutive days from July 31st until August 6th.  This ties for the third longest such streak.  Rain on the 7th would have tied the overall record at eight days, but it didn’t come.  Here’s how the precipitation broke down:

And how the record book looks now: